CFA Publishes its Africa Policy Recommendations for the Next U.S. Administration

On Friday, October 21st, the Constituency for Africa (CFA) published the Report of Proceedings of the 2016 Ronald H. Brown African Affairs Series and CFA’s Africa policy¬†recommendations for the next U.S. administration.
To download the Report of Proceedings, CLICK HERE. ¬†To download CFA’s Africa policy recommendations, CLICK HERE.

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  • Alain Tehindrazanarivelo says:

    Dear Mel,
    Thank you for your initiative and I hope that your appeal will be considered seriously.
    1) However, I would like more focused recommandations on key issues like as ID systems (fundamental as you know to design realistic health, education, infrastructure development programs, as well for election control and business plans for SMB), energy and mobility for humans and goods (transport) and for informations (communication and press).
    2) Moreover, nothing will works without credible controls of the aid. And in my humble opinion, this is were diaspora could play a key role, as an indépendant organisation appointed by the Congress to assume very strict control (with limited if any political influence)

    Congrats again and long life to CFA

  • Ben Nmah says:

    Thank you for this comprehensive report. We commend you.