Dr. Gloria B. Herndon

Dr. Gloria B. Herndon

Founder & CEO, GB Group Global

Dr. Gloria Bozeman Herndon is a native of East St Louis, Illinois. She attended Southern Illinois University and graduated magna cum laude with Bachelor de- grees in Political Science, Philosophy and Music. Dr. Herndon continued on to Johns Hopkins University where she received a Masters Degree in International Economics and Law. She was later accepted into the doctoral program at Johns Hopkins University where she attained additional academic success as a Rocke- feller Fellow. While completing her doctoral course work, Dr. Herndon accepted a position as an economist with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural Service. She also worked in Africa as a representative for the U.S. Department of State. She received her doctorate in Economics and International Law from Johns Hopkins University.

Returning to the United States in the mid-1980’s, Dr. Herndon continued at the State Department as a consultant, concurrently she joined The Equitable Compa- nies as an insurance broker, financial planner and securities dealer. In 1985, she founded GB Herndon & Associates. Building upon her relationships in the in- ternational community, Dr. Herndon focused the startup company on designing health, property and casualty insurance programs for embassies in Washington, DC and the U.N. world-wide international missions. In 1989, she pioneered the design of specialized healthcare plans for foreign students enrolled in U.S. schools. Some more of her notable initiatives include developing the Walmart’s Pharmacy Plan Program and she created the first ever National Alliance of Postal and Federal Employees. She collaborated with the NIH, the Gates Foundation and Harvard University on the development of the Botswana AIDS Initiative. She also established the Small Business Administration’s (SBA) program for ad- vising small and minority-owned businesses on the design and implementation of business and benefits insurance programs.

Dr. Herndon, Founder, President & CEO of GB Group Global, has more than 45 years experience of successfully conducting business internationally. The entre- preneurs’ entrepreneur, no one can deny her ability to make the impossible pos- sible by building relations, creating new business paradigms and co-joining and weaving strategic partnerships. GB Group Global, which consists of GB Energie, GB Energie LED, GB Pharma Holdings and GB Oncology & Imaging Group is a reflection of Dr. Herndon’s vision and is the culmination of over 35 years of fos- tering meaningful relationships across borders, believing in the human spirit, remaining committed to local communities and enabling the empowerment of others. The Group is committed to giving back to communities and those in need. The GB Group currently focuses on innovative and sustainable solutions in the energy, environment and health sectors

Dr. Herndon stays active in both the business and local communities through numerous associations which include the Smithsonian, the Corporate Advisory Board of Office Depot and is a former American Express board member. Dr. Herndon is a published author, accomplished musician and member of numer- ous public and private entity boards and the recipient of a number of awards. Dr. Herndon is the widow of Brent Herndon and the mother of three adult children.