Abraham Keita

Abraham Keita

Youth Advocate

Abraham M. Keita is a Liberian youth and children advocate, change agent, speaker, and a revolutionary champion in the fight for justice, equality, and non-discrimination. He is a media figure who constantly get engage in spreading out youth messages. He has carried out many programs, projects, campaigns or awareness that have promoted many young people in Liberia. He is also the Organizer of the Liberia National Children’s Anti-Rape Campaign Initiative, that seeks to get the youth involved in fighting rape. Moreover, Keita is an intellectual who visits many forums around Liberia to discuss critical national developmental issues that will benefit the young generation. Most recently, he led hundreds of children in two separate marches to demand justice for the late Shakie Kamara, 16 yrs old.

Roundtable IV: Empowering Africa’s Young Leaders

2397 Sixth Street NW, Blackburn Auditorium

In 2010, President Obama launched Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) to support and invest in the next generation of African leaders. Through the YALI program, over 2,000 dynamic young African leaders from Sub-Sharan Africa have gained leadership training, gained professional experience in the United States, and networked with fellow emerging leaders from the continent. These […]