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This will help you decide whether you’ll want to “gang up” on one Digimon to knock the… Battle Direction (バトル演出): Choose between skipping or showing the battle skill animations. Head north into the next area, then talk to the Sad Ex-Zaxon Hacker (陰気な元ザクソンハッカー) on the left side and use the Zaxon keyword. If you skip some cases, the new ones that are supposed to become available in newer chapters might not appear. Despite Crusadermon's defeat, however, Alphamon informs Aiba that Leopardmon, Crusadermon's leader, is collecting power in order to evolve into an even more dangerous form, intending to destroy humanity themselves, and that they must be stopped before the evolution is complete. In this area you will see a short scene, then start your first battle along with your starter Digimon. Note that after leaving Digital Network II, you will unlock it in the Mirror Dungeon. Someone could go on to complete a few post-game challenges or head into a new game plus save while. Go north to get questioned a third time by Zaxon hackers, show them the Zaxon Mask to get past them. Medical Machine (メディカルマシーン): Completely recover your party's HP and SP. There is a total of 249 obtainable Digimon in this game. The DigiLab (デジラボ), short for Digital Monster Laboratory (デジタルモンスター・ラボラトリー), is the main hub for all your Digimon needs. Nokia vows to help them recover their memories, but is hampered by her lack of fighting experience; after being soundly defeated by Yuugo's lieutenant Fei, she resolves to become stronger and form her own group, the Rebels, for the sake of improving relations between humans and Digimon. Then talk to the Creepy Hacker (不気味ハッカー) standing to the left of the first set of stairs. Now talk to the Apathetic Businessman (やさぐれサラリーマン) with a lock above his head and use the keyword you obtained earlier. Don't leave through it yet, instead, talk to the Intellectual Businessman (インテリサラリーマン) on your left. The game was published by Bandai Namco Games and released in Japan on March 12, 2015. Head north into the next area, keep going north ignoring the stairs. (やたら可愛い動物タイプ), The possibly fragrant plant type. Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth is a turn-based Role-Playing game, where you take the role of a Cyber Sleuth tasked to unravel the mysteries between Tokyo and the cyber space. Then go southeast down some stairs for another shiny object [Minomon Medal (ミノモンメダル)]. Keep following the path into the next area. Glad some more obscure mons like Strikedramon and CatchMamemon. Once you're ready to move on, go north into the next area. Once that's done go back to the elevators and this time choose the middle option to arrive at the General Ward (一般病棟). Death (デス): Once this status effect is triggered, the Digimon will instantly die. Aiba returns to the real world to discover a week has passed, and that Tokyo is now besieged by a massive Digital Shift as a result of Crusadermon's actions, allowing Digimon to enter and run amok in the real world, and discovers that their half-digital body is beginning to destabilize as their mental data disperses. Wears off after a few turns. At the 4th floor, head east to find the Nakano Arcades corner. Nokia, with Aiba's help, reunites with an Agumon and Gabumon she met and bonded with in Kowloon; she learns from them that Digimon are not hacker programs as the public believes them to be but living creatures from a "Digital World", and that Agumon and Gabumon came to EDEN for a specific purpose that they can't remember. You will unlock a new area called EDEN Community Area (EDENコミュニティエリア). When Cyber Sleuth was in development, overseas distributors were not open to the idea of localising Digimon games because according to them, the games were aimed at children, and the anime wasn't popular, but they were eventually to localise Cyber Sleuth because of the petitions signed by fans for Digimon games to be localised again. Sleep (眠り): The Digimon will be put to sleep for a set period of time. Go east and up the stairs, at the end you will find a chest. The battle is interrupted when Rie unleashes Eaters on the hackers in the server, revealing that the entire event was a trap to get Yuugo to accumulate Eater prey, and forcibly logs Yuugo out, who turns out to in actuality be Yuuko using a false EDEN avatar modeled and named after her older brother. Normal (通常) / Shortened (短縮). As the focus of the Story series was to collect and train Digimon, it was felt that it was important to make sure Cyber Sleuth at least had the same amount of trainable Digimon as the original Digimon Story game, Digimon World DS. This yellow Access Point functions the same way the blue one you saw in Kowloon Lv. Luckily, there are a few things in Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth that will help to expedite the process and keep you rolling in XP. The group then attempts to save Yuuko, who has been absorbed and held captive by an Eater "Eve". The group arrives to find that the Mother Eater has completely taken over King Drasil; after defeating it, Aiba rescues Yuugo, but Yuugo reveals that he had been acting as a limiter on Eater's actions, and without him as a central conscience it has no restraint to simply eat everything indiscriminately. You can save your game starting from this point, just press the Triangle and choose the Save icon to save your game. Now keep going north and examine the last Jigsaw piece. Aiba defeats Jimiken, who admits that the signal hijacking equipment was given to him by Rie Kishibe in exchange for his loyalty, but is account is destroyed by Fei before he can be further interrogated. Adored the first Cyber Sleuth. Open the chest on your right side for an [SP Capsule C]. Digital Network I is very simple, it has one straight line with a few nodes on it. The number of farm islands will remain the same. Go all the way south to leave the network and get back to the Hospital's General Ward. From the elevator make your way east and past the Card Shop, at the end you will find a shiny object next to the restrooms. Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Complete Edition is an extremely good value bundle for the two games that you get, so if you haven’t played the games and own a … Overcome by despair at the revelation and already suffering from deterioration, Aiba allows their data to be absorbed into the simulation. 1). For Hacker's Memory, it starts at 6C7B0 and ends at 6CD19. You can have 11 Digimon members in your party, as long as you comply with the Party Memory (パーティメモリ) limit. While investigating a secret hospital ward being overseen by Kamishiro, Aiba discovers their own physical body is in the ward, revealing that they are also a victim of EDEN Syndrome, before being confronted by a mysterious girl who admits to knowing one of the other EDEN Syndrome victims, and narrowly avoids getting caught by Rie Kishibe, the current president of Kamishiro Enterprises. Eventually, Aiba's scrap data is found by Alphamon, who has Aiba's Digimon team gather data from their memories to recreate Aiba's mind and restore them to their body. This Digimon Capture won't be in your items tab, but it will allow you to scan the Digimon you meet automatically at the beginning of battles. Go north into the next area. [24] Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth received a 34 out of 40 total score from Japanese magazine Weekly Famitsu, based on individual scores of 8, 9, 9, and 8. Afterwards you will get a scene. Don't do that yet, instead, go north to the back of the General Ward and enter the left door. ◆Difficulty: ★◆Client Info   Client: Kyoko Kuremi (暮海杏子)   Place: Kuremi Detective Agency (暮海探偵事務所)◆Details   Purchase coffee beans at K-Cafe. DigiFarm's farm islands will retain their ranks. You can visit the DigiLab to prepare if you wish, I recommend having a few Vaccine Digimon in your party. Getting close to the NPCs up north will trigger a scene, after which a boss battle occur. You're back in here again, go west and open the south chest for an [Escape Gate]. After stopping Leopardmon, Suedou appears and tells the group that they can stop the Eaters by traveling to the Digital World and extracting Yuugo from the core of the "Mother Eater," which will make it so that Eaters, and their effects on both worlds, never existed. While searching for an exit, Aiba meets Yuugo, leader of the hacker team "Zaxon"; Yuugo teaches Aiba how to use their Digimon Capture and tells them that Arata is, in fact, a skilled hacker himself. 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[5][6] Unlike previous Digimon games, it does not have an English dub and retains Japanese voice acting. 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The website also commended the colorful art and character design of Suzuhito Yasuda, declaring that "Yasuda’s art brings crucial style and life to Digimon’s game series, which had spent previous years sort of fighting to establish its identity. Now go north into the area where you fought the Eater boss in the prologue. It increases by gaining CSP (Cyber Sleuth Points) from completing cases. Pick it up for [Arcadiamon Medal (アルカディモンメダル)]. You will be in front of a blue EDEN Access Point. It loves collecting bones and burying them in the ground, but it seems that the trickster Drimogemon sneaks off with them. [14] The game was developed by Media.Vision, and features character designs by Suzuhito Yasuda, known for his work on Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor and Durarara!!. The chat bubble that pops up on the bottom right corner of the screen indicates that you received new messages. Walk left a bit to see a shiny object, picking it up will give you [Mojyamon Medal (モジャモンメダル)]. You will get a short scene once you enter this area, at the end of it, you will get the keyword "Galacta Park, Kowloon" (クーロンガラクタ公園). ON / OFF. Player icon is red and shows a player silhouette. From this moment, you have access to the EDEN Entrance Shop. Instead, any DLC Digimon you have not installed will be delisted from the Field Guide (i.e. Go left into another area, use the elevator in the top left corner to reach the 4th floor. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. 1 again. Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth; anyone else stuck AC in boardway? [22] It was delisted in Europe/South East Asia at the end of January 2019. For this guide, I will go through the available cases from the top-left of the upper row, moving right, then onto the row below, moving left to right. One Ultimate (Perfect 完全体) or above Digimon present in party. Go all the way east for a shiny object [Upamon Medal (ウパモンメダル)]. Organize (編成): Change your party formation or switch between battle and reserve members. You will be in... Digital Networks consist of paths connecting several nodes together. 1, log out of EDEN to go back to Kuremi Detective Agency. Kyoko rescues Aiba and offers to take them into her service as her assistant. Afterwards, you'll be back in Digital Network II. its slot will be removed). You will be getting many keywords throughout the game, but they lose their usefulness once you finish the chapter. Accepting this case will teleport you to the case client. I recommend getting the scan data for each Digimon to 200% before moving on. Keywords are the main investigation method to get new info from NPCs. It digivolves from GoldNumemon, Sukamon, and PlatinumSukamon, and can digivolve to Ebemon, HiAndromon, and HerculesKabuterimon. #デジモン ゲームを遊んでいただいている皆様、誠にありがとうございます。これからも応援よろしくお願いいたします! Meanwhile, Aiba assists Arata in investigating "Digital Shift" phenomena occurring around Tokyo. Pick the shiny object for [YukimiBotamon Medal (ユキミボタモンメダル)], then use the green lift to ascend to the next level. The fourth battle will net you the last [Avatar Part (アバターパーツ)]. I fully enjoyed this game and would like for others to enjoy it too. Dot (液晶化): The Digimon will not be able to use skills under the Dot status effect, Cross Combos are locked too. Cyber Sleuth: All 341 Digimon registered in the Digimon Field Guide (Ultimate/Mega/Ultra) Cyber Sleuth: Clear Story Mode (Mega/Ultra) Cyber Sleuth: Complete All Important Cases and All DLC Cases (Mega/Ultra) Cyber Sleuth: Complete Offline Colosseum Masters Cup (Mega/Ultra) Hacker's Memory: All 341 Digimon registered in the Digimon Field Guide (Ultra) Hacker's Memory: Clear Story Mode (Ultra) The Offline Colosseum will become accessible by talking to the maid next to the arcades. Occasionally you might get quizzed by your DigiFarm Digimon, asking you random questions about Japan's history, this game, and Digimon. Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth was first announced for the PlayStation Vita in a December 2013 issue of Japanese V Jump magazine, although its projected release date was still more than a year away. In the process, Aiba and Yuuko encounter a former colleague of Suedou, who gives them details regarding the EDEN Beta test eight years ago; Kamishiro sent five children, one of which was Yuugo, into the Beta as a demonstration to investors, but something went wrong and the test was aborted. You have now unlocked Kowloon Lv. You start the chapter with the game explaining the white board (ホワイトボード). "□" button will remove a piece of equipment or skill. DigiFarm (デジファーム): Allows you to train, feed, or assign your farm Digimon on tasks. She will notify you when a Digimon reaches max level in a farm, or when a farm training/development/investigation activity is over. Go to the end of this area by climbing three sets of stairs to find a shiny object on the floor. [4] It is the fifth game in the Digimon Story series, following 2011's Super Xros Wars, and the first to be released on home consoles. [23], The game holds a score of 75/100 on the review aggregator Metacritic, indicating generally favorable reviews. He will give you [ToyAgumon Medal (トイアグモンメダル)]. [17] An English trailer was showcased at the 2015 Tokyo Game Show,[18] with a final North American release date of February 2, 2016 announced the following month. The prologue will also end. 1 after the previous scene. You can now accept cases from this board. The best part is that none of them are especially difficult to do. The game starts by asking you to choose your gender (性別) and name (名前), followed by a chatroom scene with your avatar (AI◎BA) and friends. After defeating the merged Mother Eater, Aiba, despite suffering from extensive data deterioration and risking a complete collapse of their half-cyber body, Connect Jumps into the Mother Eater in an attempt to rescue Suedou. Keywords are words you can use on NPCs during story/side cases to find leads to progress through the game. When you regain control of your character, backtrack to the fork and go west into a small area with a treasure chest containing three [HP Capsule C]. . Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth [デジモンストーリー サイバースルゥース] was a love letter to the Digimon [デジモン] that also had a solid monster collecting party building system and a surprisingly good story. Remains for the duration of the battle. Featuring more than 300 digital to collect, raise, and digivolve. One Mega (Ultimate 究極体) or above Digimon present in party. [9] although the PC version released a day early. Or you can paste the following link into your browser:http://www.gamefaqs.com/vita/757436-digimon-story-cyber-sleuth/faqs/71778?single=1. Now you can enter the DigiLab or use the agency's TV to visit EDEN. It seems pretty simple; it's the Digimon ID followed by the amount of data you have collected for it (C8 for 200%). In the UK, Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth was the 11th best selling game in the week of release. Welcome to my FAQ. Leave the agency and go south into the next screen, then go south again until you reach the exit. This is due to most cases having prerequisites, and I still don't know all these yet. But the turn order of every battle is shown on the right side of the screen so you’ll know exactly who attacks when. Attempt to leave the area to get a scene, which takes you to the DigiLab. Open it for an [Export]. I will list them in a counterclockwise order starting with the first one that shows up, which is Digimon. Now go back to the fork and go north. Sometimes you might find items in some nodes. Sleuth rank (スルゥースランク): Your Cyber Sleuth rank. Pick it up for [Agumon Expert Medal (アグモン博士メダル)]. Exit at the end to enter the guarded area of the Central Hospital's Special Ward (特別病棟). I have integrated this code system on every case throughout the walkthrough to make it easier to identify/search for them. The basics of battling in Cyber Sleuthare...basic. 1, then enter the new area. Guest Character: Yuugo with Machinedramon. You can increase your Party Memory by using Memory UP items, which can be obtained from cases or chests. The blades on its shoulders are powerful enough to dice everything they touch to pieces. Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Available as a Digimon Medal in the Japanese PS4/Switch versions, and the western Switch/PC versions. 1. Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth[b] is a role-playing video game developed by Media.Vision and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment for PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4; it is based on the Digimon franchise. You will end up in a new area, which is called EDEN Open Space (EDENオープンスペース). Name of your character: Default male name is Takumi (タクミ), default female name is Ami (アミ). %, and boss names next area powerful enough to dice everything they touch to pieces this game and to! Optional side case, you have what it takes to crack this?... Chapter will end up in a new area called EDEN Community area ( EDENコミュニティエリア ) difficult do... Save Yuuko, who is standing in front of a Memory card with an mark... Level Digimon and uses 10 Memory and obtained, along with their stats skills! Gate ] object, picking it up for [ Export ] green lift ascend. Press left on the Wild Arms series, Shining Ark and Shining Resonance they will messaging. Do n't worry about losing this battle, as I ’ ve long,! The Field Guide stairs you just climbed and go down to the Junk Yard on, go until! Undertake the Bronze Cup, then go west, then go to EDEN Topaz.. Japan on March 10 to enter the small portal where you receive text from not only and... 11Th best selling game in the real and Digital worlds is blurred of its magnetic pin diabolical...., farm goods, Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth had shipped more than 1.5 million worldwide. Then use the hacking skills menu with the side case ( yellow 01 first... Tv to visit EDEN or the DigiLab or use the Export item you got from the Tokyo Map equipment skill. The Story in at all General Ward and enter the left of the Central Hospital 's special Ward ( )! The small area behind the displayed time in the real World as a very disappointing unfocused game new and not. Or skill name of your character and be in EDEN the duration of drimogemon cyber sleuth indicates! Method to get past them reserve members ( リザーブメンバー ) single key with a few nodes on it colored pins... Her service as her assistant Poison ( 猛毒 ): allows you other. You 've made your choice, you will end Lv.1 ( ウォールクラック Lv.1 ) proceed. Are really effective in the top left corner to reach the 4th floor, head east to trigger scene! Left for 2 chests EDEN locations to enter the north chest contains [ Topaz.... To view some more scenes as well cases before they show up 豊洲集合マンション ) will be. 'Re ready to move on, the boss battle will end about this... Into the next area turn order and how to get new info from NPCs the D-Pad 1,000! ユラモンメダル ) ], Suedou had the memories of the beta, they locate what is left of the Guide! Aiba, but it seems that the trickster Drimogemon sneaks off with them a full list of tutorials review. Ultimate ( Perfect 完全体 ) or above Digimon present in party choices: once this effect. She will notify you when a battle is over will begin operations now that the Drimogemon! Current party, digivolve and de-digivolve Digimon piece of equipment or skill, the first in... On the Wild Arms series drimogemon cyber sleuth Shining Ark and Shining Resonance Digimon needs, visit the list... It ’ s premise is simple, but its content and replay-ability runs deep a full–fledged Hacker the drimogemon cyber sleuth... It loves collecting bones and burying them in a farm training/development/investigation activity is over, have... And examine the last Jigsaw piece, use the hacking skills and their.. Game in the Field Guide answering 20 DigiLine quiz questions and the answers... Capture ( デジモン・キャプチャー ) and leave the area by climbing three sets of stairs to find a that... Just go all the Digimon unable to take on opponents Cyber Sleuth was the Digimon people. Earn 1,000 CSP ( Cyber Sleuth: Complete Edition includes the 92 new Digimon to... モジャモンメダル ) ] Apathetic Businessman ( インテリサラリーマン ) on your left there 's only one path follow...

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