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Current Nursing Jobs In order to become a … 5. Nontraditional nursing jobs would be FBI/CIA nurses, critical care flight nurses, oil rig nurses, biomedical equipment development nurses, Nurses who work as civilian contractors within the armed forces, Personal care nurses for celebrities…. Registered Practical Nurses (RPNs) Since 2005, all RPNs in Ontario must earn a diploma in Practical Nursing by taking a program consisting of four semesters over two years in a college program leading to a diploma in Practical Nursing. Nursing employment opportunities are projected to increase during the next 10 years adding approximately 550,000 new nursing jobs in the United States. Nurse Anesthetist Average Salary – $157,140 per year (BLS; 2015). Registered nurses are professional nurses who supervise the tasks performed by LPNs, and nursing assistants. Browse current job listings in the nursing specialty of interest to you and see what types of positions might be available near you. As a nurse on the U.S. Army health care team, you'll play an important role in providing expert care to our Soldiers and their families. View our nurse salary data and find out how much money different types of nurses can make. Nursing is a job where you have to learn how to deal with sick people and be some source of comfort. Nursing Career Choices / Education. Click one of the types of nurses below to view current job openings. Medical call centers, in particular, are low paying in comparison to all nursing positions. Choosing a Nursing Career As you can see, there are more types of nurses than you can shake a stethoscope at, but even after this exhaustive primer, the truth is that we’ve barely scratched the surface. A four-year bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) degree that results in an RN designation. Check out 10 types of nursing jobs where paychecks are one of those levels. There are many nursing jobs that provide satisfaction on a variety of levels. 5 Types of Nursing Jobs June 08, 2020 in [ Nursing & Health Care ] Once you have made the decision to enter the health care field and become a registered nurse (RN), it is important to narrow down which type of nurse you would like to be. So finding the right fit for you may be a matter of identifying what types of stressors you handle best. Job Growth: 15%. As always, you'll want to be familiar with the signs of a WAH scam when looking for any home-based job, but nursing isn’t as rife with scams as, say, data entry work. Nursing is a rewarding and diverse career, and it includes a wide range of career paths, job opportunities and specialties. Nursing is a profession like no other. Below are descriptions of the various types of nursing jobs. Stay connected to the best companies for flexible medical jobs and find remote nursing positions at a variety of employers. Some nursing careers require no degree, while most require an associate's degree, bachelor's, master's degree in nursing, or other advanced degree. These low stress RN jobs will ensure that you still have a way to impact patients in a positive manner, and reduce the amount of burnout that many nurses face from the high stress environment of other nursing specialties. Even doctorate level degrees are available for nurses. With nursing, however, salaries can be disappointing for those considering working at home. Finding Your Remote Nursing Job. Jobs in this field could range from the implementation of a new computer network within a hospital to the sales of computer systems to hospitals by an outside computer company. Once you have your BSN, you can then opt to pursue more education with a master of science in nursing (MSN) or doctor of nursing practice (DNP) degree to choose from a full array of high-paying, high-demand nursing jobs. The best nursing job … Below are the top 10 highest paying nursing jobs for those with a MSN degree. Nursing Career - where to start: This section contains 50+ pages on the various types of medical nursing fields, how to become a nurse, education, nursing schools, nursing certification & accreditation. According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (), nurses represent more than one-third of healthcare workers.The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) estimated that there were 2.98 million registered nursing jobs in 2019. You can categorize them by scope of practice (LPN, RN, etc. Within each category of nursing, there are dozens of subdivisions and specializations trained to handle every malady known to man. Types of Nursing Careers With a Two-Year Degree. A nursing career is not your usual routine. Earning a two-year associate degree in nursing enables you to take the National Council Licensure Examination and become licensed as a registered nurse. Types of jobs available with a Master’s in Nursing degree include nursing consultant, research nurse, nurse educator, nurse administrator, advanced nurse practitioner and clinical nurse specialist, according to the Nurse Journal.Getting a master’s degree in nursing, which is usually a two-year program, can advance your career significantly. ), by specialty, and more. In Ontario there are three types of nursing positions, which reflect different levels of education and responsibility. Types of Nurses: All Nursing Titles and Rankings You Need to Know. There are approximately 3.1 million registered nurses in the U.S., and the nursing field offers one of the highest paying careers nationwide, according to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing.It is important to note that a wide variety of nursing jobs exist, which provides a lot of room for salary growth. Depending on your intended career path, you may work with children as a pediatric nurse, in a community environment as a patient coordinator or in private practice as … Legal Nursing. Here are some examples of the types of jobs a nurse can specialize in. Figuring out what the titles mean, much less how they all relate to one another in the hierarchy, can be difficult. Can you think of any other type of nursing specialty where you can call on Mickey Mouse or a princess to make a patient feel better? 15. While every nursing specialty comes with its own set of stressors throughout the day, there are several nursing specialties that are low stress RN jobs. Disney Nurse. Gone are the days when nurses could only work within clinics and hospitals. As a nurse, your degree and your job responsibilities greatly affect your earning power. Top 10 Highly Paid Jobs In The Field Of Nursing In Australia. Nursing is a vast and varied field that offers opportunities to work with many different populations and specialties. Not so long ago, all nursing grads started out as a medical-surgical nurse. A CNA provides basic nursing care for patients in many different working environments. When people decide they want to be a nurse that's really only the first step of getting into nursing for a career. There are many different kinds of nurses, each specializing in areas of patient care. The nursing field is composed of many different types of nurse. Most of the nursing jobs you listed are traditional nursing jobs. It’s satisfying if you love dealing with people and you have an extremely caring heart. If you are ready for a change, here are 25 different ways to be a nurse. Types Of Nursing Jobs. Nursing jobs are classified as registered nursing/ (RN), licensed practical nursing or licensed vocational nurses (LPN/LVN), and nursing assistant. Here are some of the common types of nursing jobs in a hospital: 1. No matter what type of nursing you want to pursue, the most important factors in your success are 1) getting the right education and degree 2) obtaining the required certifications 3) developing the soft-skills to become a must-hire to prospective employers. Nursing is the fastest-growing profession in healthcare. Show Me Nursing Programs. Cheryl Talamantes, RN, BSN serves as the Guest Service Manager for the Disneyland Resort. Medical-surgical nursing is one of the most common types of nursing. Flight/Transport Nurses. Medical-Surgical Nurses. If you already have an RN license you will qualify for most of these (some require a BSN or specialty certificate). There are many different types of nursing jobs that a person must choose from. Nursing as a career has a high demand and always proved to be a rewarding one, both fiscally and emotionally. Here are 12 types of nurses you’ve probably never heard of: 1. FlexJobs’ listings are updated daily, so finding a remote work-from-home nursing job can be just as easy as keeping up to date on current postings. The truth is that there is no universal list of the easiest nursing jobs; stress is just a natural element of the position and it comes in different forms. Today, the art of nursing is being practiced in a wide variety of settings, some of which we’ve never even heard before. On JobMonkey we focus on nurse anesthetist jobs, hospice nursing, mental health nurses also known as psychiatric nursing, traveling nurse jobs, school nurse jobs, and nurse executive careers – plus a few other specialty areas of nursing. There are many different ways to categorize nurses. Some nurses choose to seek employment in non-bedside nursing jobs, which allows them to take their nursing expertise into other industries instead of working in a traditional nursing … There are many various types of nursing jobs and salaries. We focus on LPNs a lot here as a “type” of nurse. The average pay is about $80,305 with a 15% expected job growth in this field. One is a Nursing Informatics Analyst, with a base pay around $57,00 and a top salary of $99,000. Read more about the different types of nursing degrees and how Herzing University can help you carve a unique path in your nursing career. They range from in-home nurses who supervise individual patients, to nurses in high-traffic hospitals who manage many patients at once. Types of Nurses. For people who want to enter the field of nursing with a relatively limited education and start to earn a good living, becoming a nursing assistant (called a Certified Nursing Assistant or CNA in some states) is a good choice. You Will Make A Difference. LPN, RN, APRN, DONS, CNO. But getting more specific can really show all the truly different types of nurses there are – regardless of … This requires a combination of knowledge and skills. Identify current nursing employment opportunities, read the full job description and apply online for consideration. It also provides an opportunity to make a real difference to the health and wellbeing of people. Legal Nursing combines the use of the legal system with a thorough knowledge of the nursing field. Types of Nurses. TYPES OF NURSING CAREERS When You Combine Experience With Education, Your Opportunities Have No Limit. In addition, nurses must learn to remember scientific facts systematically, mathematically, and accurately. The nursing world is an alphabet soup of acronyms and titles. As the top position on this list, the nurse anesthetist is one of the most prestigious Masters level nursing careers attainable at this time. Nursing Informatics Analyst. American Nursing Informatics Association. Posted on November 26, 2020 by Jessie Garrett. If you are interested in jobs that require an advanced degree check out our listing here. Posted by Aussizz Group on February 28, 2018. However, today the nursing specialty path is not so straight forward. Jobs are available in many hyperbaric and wound centers across the country. Nursing is a profession filled with limitless personal and professional rewards, and one of the most flexible professions around. LPN and LVN nurses provide basic care under the guidance of a doctor, registered nurse, or a nurse practitioner.

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