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Most people love it, which makes this a great drink to serve at parties. Shake all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice and strain into a hurricane glass. But what we’re getting are great versions of the cocktail in far more places than we used to. Shop MAJOR PETERS' with 20 products, 145 reviews, 1 discussion, and 3 member photos and videos ... Ready to Use Sweet & Sour Alcohol Free Cocktail Mix (3) MAJOR PETERS' Margarita Alcohol Free Cocktail Mix (3) MAJOR PETERS' The Works Bloody Mary Mix (2) MAJOR PETERS' Original Bloody Mary Mix 1 gal Jug (2) I firmly believe this is the best time in history to be drinking cocktails and liquor.”. Originally opened as a sort of speakeasy during Prohibition by its namesake proprietor, Pat O’Brien, by Repeal in 1933 O’Brien took on a partner in the form of his poker buddy, Charlie Cantrell. I remember it was sweet! about 8 Serving Per Container. 31 Gifts Cocktail Lovers Will Thank You For. They don’t have to be top shelf, but you will taste them, so they should be something you would consider drinking neat. The party will never have to stop with over 100 various recipes to choose from with our cocktail mixes. But because New Orleans law permits people to leave bars with drinks in hand, some New Orleans bars serve it in a plastic cup. Meaning, originally, the drink was not red. 99 ($0.37/Fl Oz) FREE Shipping. We encourage responsible drinking only. 10 ounces fresh orange juice. Passion fruit syrup can be a little bit easier to work with. “I talk about this all the time with industry friends,” says Elliott. 6 Islands Drink Lovers Should Be Visiting Now, Bartenders Recommend the 10 Best Tropical Locations for Drinking, Inside the Revolutionary Tiki Book That’s Built for the Modern Age, Paul McGee Wants To Take You On A Tiki Deep-Dive, Inside the Most Talked About New Tiki Bar in Years. Jetzt deine Lieblings-Drinks mixen! Add to List. The drink arrived, a riot of red in a tall curvy glass, long plastic straw and all. At Saffron, Ashwin Vilkhu created what could certainly be considered a take on fassionola, albeit one that pays homage to his family’s Indian roots. Some add amaretto, orange juice, Grenadine, or even gin or vodka. I was in my mid-twenties and it was the ’90s. Major Peters' Original Bloody Mary Mix - 1 Liter 4.6 out of 5 stars 31 $21.97 $ 21 . Das Rezept für den Cocktail Hurricane und viele weitere Cocktailrezepte findest du auf That’s where the Tiki connection comes in. Nothing on this website should be construed as professional advice. orange juice 1/2 oz. Is it in the cocktail cannon? 4.7 out of 5 stars. This item is certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union. But for other bartenders curious about ingredient authenticity, and seeking perhaps a little more balance, dissecting the flavor source of fassionola has been a way to dig a little deeper. Experienced bartenders probably didn’t need them. But if you like a kick to your drink, use Bacardi 151. Amy Zavatto has two decades of experience writing about wine, spirits and food and consults for restaurants and wine and spirits retailers. It’s worth having a nice set of hurricane glasses for a lot of cocktails you might want to serve your guests. Bookmark. Buy Major Peters'™ Cocktail Mixers Piña Colada Ready to Use Cocktail Mix 1L Bottle at But because New Orleans law permits people to leave bars with drinks in hand, … For a Kilimanjaro cocktail fill a fancy glass or highball glass with ice cubes. It’s yet another legendary New Orleans original, although there are murmurs of it possibly having been invented in other spots. Probably not. We put our own house-made grenadine with that—just a little to cut it—and also a tiny amount a coconut syrup we make.”. Pick Up In Stock. “As the decades go by, everybody has their own thought of what actually happened,” says Waguespak. If you want to be notified of every new MixThatDrink cocktail recipe, subscribe on BlogLovin’! Pat O.’s streamlined the making of its famed cocktail to keep up with demand. Pina Colda Cocktail Mix. Major Peters' Lime Juice 1 Tbsp. It's About Time to Fall in Love with This Rum Cocktail, Everything You Need to Know About Black Rum, 14 Health-Minded Turmeric Cocktails to Try Now, Everything You Need to Know About BlackTail’s Genius Cuba-Inspired Menu, The History and Secrets of the Cuba Libre, 6 Things You Should Know About the Mai Tai, The History and Secrets of the Piña Colada, 9 Blast from the Past Drinks You Should Know. Major Peters' Grenadine 1 Tbsp. And liquor salesman would strong-arm you and say, “Oh, you can buy this bottle of whiskey if you buy this much rum,” so we had a stockpile and started experimenting with flavors. If you enjoy this drink, check out the Zombie, another classic fruit cocktail featuring plenty of rum. “It’s the rising tide narrative. I don’t remember much after that. Rum was easily purchased, because it came up river from the islands. Major Peters' Margarita Cocktail Mix, 59.2 Ounce (1.75 Liter) $21.99 $ 21. Whichever way you go, the passion fruit flavor makes this drink unique among cocktails, and tasty as can be. “Our recipe is simple and straight-forward,” says Waguespak. 21 reviews. Shop for Major Peters Drink Mixes products and … But we’re throwing down and awarding the origins to the Crescent City. The Hurricane is an enduring classic for a reason. The original recipe didn’t call for specific amounts of the ingredients. Warnings Of course, that’s how fassionola likely began, as a proprietary house-made mix of lovely tropical ingredients behind the bar at Trader Vic’s in the early part of the 20th century. If you opt for for passion fruit juice, you’ll probably need the simple syrup to counteract its tartness. View Similar. Some people feel the homemade version of passion fruit syrup can taste fresher and add something special to the drink. dark rum 2 oz. So much so that today the New Orleans outpost alone sells more than half a million glasses of the stuff every year. You may need to order it online (the previous link goes to Amazon). We may get commissions for purchases made through links in this post. We’ve added in some suggested amounts for those of you who prefer specifics. A little bit of watering down won’t hurt the taste of this drink. But we’re throwing down and awarding the origins to the Crescent City. Start Shopping. You can feel free to tinker with the amounts and put your own signature twist on this drink. In a way, Elliott is making his own fassionola, a tropical mix of ingredients that not only gives the Hurricane color but also that “laissez le bon temps rouler” (French for “let the good times roll”) character that’s celebrated in cocktails served in funky glasses with big, bold garnishes. Zing Zang Bloody Mary Mix 1.75L. It’s a perfect drink to enjoy by the pool or on a picnic. “We make the passion fruit puree—nothing canned or saccharine or artificial. Strain and pour the mixture from the cocktail shaker into the hurricane glass filled with ice. However you make your drink, the main thing is to use equal parts of light and dark rum, and probably about half that amount of passion fruit syrup. It’s yet another legendary New Orleans original, although there are murmurs of it possibly having been invented in other spots. $8.99. hurricane glass (if you don’t have one: highball glass) How to mix a Kilimanjaro. Indeed, the thirsty throngs liked the Hurricane very much. Made with two kinds of rum, three kinds of juice, and grenadine, it’s sweet, fruity, and practically required for Mardi Gras! Refrigerate after opening. The traditional recipe is actually pretty simple – just two kinds of rum, some passion fruit syrup and lime juice. Done. And then you don’t need to add simple syrup. The advantage of using passion fruit syrup is convenience. No member photos or videos have been added yet.+ Add a Photo. Add to Cart. 3 tablespoons superfine sugar, or more to taste. About – Privacy – Contact – Terms & Conditions – Disclaimer. As a bonus, Major Peters is sold in 64-ounce jugs. Pick Up In Stock. Add to List. Major Peters' The Works Bloody Mary Mix, 59.2 Ounce 8.3 View Product 8.3 7: The Murph's Famous Instant Bloody Mary Mix, Hot & Spicy (2 Pack) 8.0 View Product 8.0 8: Beverages Alcoholic Beverages Cocktail Mixes MAJOR PETERS' Sweet & Sour Alcohol Free Cocktail Mix. No one other than Dale DeGroff and his ilk cared a sticky lick about fresh anything in cocktails. It has become so popular with bartenders that Messier and Myerscough had to increase production. Shop Major Peters Hot&Spi - Liter from Vons. Will the Hurricane take the world by storm? Free 2-day shipping. But I was like, Can we make this? The Hurricane classically rounds out with passion fruit, often in the form of a syrup, and lemon or lime juice. Major Peters Original Bloody Mary Mix Mix… Whether you want to try one of the colorful varieties offered by Jero or you prefer a Major Peters Pina Colada, you have stopped at the right place. The Truth Behind the Copyrights. Master of Mixes Loaded Bloody Mary Drink Mix, Ready To Use, 1.75 Liter Bottle (59.2 Fl Oz), Individually Boxed. Eventually, fassionola syrup, a tropical mix of fruits and sweetener with a maraschino-cherry-red hue, made it into the recipe. It’s certainly not the first drink that springs to mind when one conjures that tropical Mai Tai–Scorpion–Zombie oeuvre. Fassionola may sound like the name of a judgmental drag queen, but it’s the syrupy river that connects the flaming-fountain patio at O’Brien’s to the grass-hut world of Tiki. Only 4 left in stock - order soon. Other bartenders upping the ante on the Hurricane take advantage of the influx of great rum available and follow the oft-used Tiki roadmap of blending. $8.99 + CRV . This educational resource is a invaluable time-saver that will enable you to get good at rum, amaretto. Alle Zutaten in einen Blender mit Eis geben, zehn Sekunden blenden und anschließend in ein Hurricane Glas geben. Please read our disclaimer. And so it goes, the glass gave name to the NOLA-native drink. For the lime juice, you start with half a lime – whatever size lime you have on hand – and add more if you prefer. Hell, yeah! The Hurricane drink is a very sweet rum-based fruity cocktail that originated in the French Quarter in New Orleans. It helps to have the advantage offered by a wide variety of options. This hurricane recipe is unparalleled for taste and drinkability! “I think the first one I had was when I turned 18,” says Shelly Waguespak, the president of Pat O’Brien’s and the third generation of her family to run the St. Peter Street place, as well as its outposts in Orlando and San Antonio. passion fruit juice 1 oz. Unlike, say, a Gin Martini which is considered to be a perfected recipe, this is one of those cocktails bartenders enjoy putting their own twists on. The two make ingredient-driven specialty cocktail syrups. by MAJOR PETERS' Passion fruit has a very distinctive, tart flavor. At its core, the Hurricane is a simple drink: a requisite mix of rum, passion fruit and lemon juice. Get creative! Its flavors are more complex than you might think from looking at the recipe. And passion fruit juice can be very hard to find sometimes, especially in some areas. There’s a passion fruit element, as well, and lime.”. The Hurricane itself was a drink born of a surplus of rum. Major Peters Drink Mixes We've assembled a list of all the products from Major Peters Drink Mixes that we can get our hands on. “It’s a very Tiki-esque mentality,” says Elliott of the Hurricane. Cocktail Mixes (174) Tres Agaves Margarita Mix 1L. The wonderful flavor of passion fruit syrup makes it unique and special. Make a big pitcher and keep it in the refrigerator to serve to guests as they run out. The Hurricane drink is a very sweet rum-based fruity cocktail that originated in the French Quarter in New Orleans. The crushed ice keeps it nice and cold. If you want to pin this recipe, use the little button at the top, Last Updated: October 4, 2020 Filed Under: Cocktails Tagged With: Lime, Passion Fruit, Rum. Major Peters Pina Colda Cocktail Mix. It is one of many popular drinks served in New Orleans.It is traditionally served in the tall, curvy eponymous "hurricane glass". 10 ounces sour mix, or fresh lime juice. At its core, the Hurricane is a simple drink: a requisite mix of rum, passion fruit and lemon juice. Why Do Companies Trademark Cocktails? As important as the passion fruit is to this drink, it’s also worth using some nice, drinkable rums. “My dad closed the upper patio [at Pat O’Brien’s] for my birthday and graduation party. What You Need to Know About Cocktail Mixers. Serve it in plastic cups while wearing plastic bead necklaces for maximum authenticity. Resources and Downloads. Browse our wide selection of Cocktail Mixes for Delivery or Drive Up & Go to pick up at the store! And for the volume of customers the bar serves, that’s a good thing. Everything is getting incrementally better and better. Major Peters' Hurricane. It’s a return to the classics: the, Daiquiri, Mai Tai. You already know that Major Peters special blend of spices and 94% tomato juice is one of the best Bloody Mary mixes you’ll ever taste. 4 cl Passionsfruchtsirup . All content on this website is for informational and educational purposes only. Not long after the time when Tiki started to regain the respect and attention of bartenders and consumers alike, Messier happened upon a 2015 article by Amy McCarthy in Eater about the long-lost syrup. 4.6 out of 5 stars. 5 cl Zitronensaft. “It talked about people using things like Smucker’s jam to try to recreate it,” says Messier. Major Peters'® Sweet & Sour Alcohol Free Cocktail Mix. And the flavors in the drink are strong enough to stand up to the ice. A Hurricane of course! Then we’d let customers taste and see what they liked.”. The operation moved a few doors down to an old Spanish theater, and its dueling pianos and flaming-fountain-crowned courtyard have been there ever since. simple syrup. If that’s you, you’ll love the jalapeno heat of Major Peter’s sensationally spicy Bloody Mary mix. It’s traditionally served in a – you guessed it – hurricane glass. It has long used a premade mix, which you can buy in a liter-size bottle or single-serve, just-add-rum pouches. I think we tried every drink on the menu,” several of which stick with the weather-related theme: the Cyclone, the Rainbow, the Rainstorm. The hurricane glass is arguably essential for serving this cocktail. 97 Major Peters' The Works Bloody Mary Mix, 59.2 Ounce (1.75 Liter) 4.7 out of 5 stars 37 Mardi Gras! 10 cl Dunkler Rum. Anyone can put ingredients into a mixing glass, but can you create a truly unique cocktail? Garnish with a cherry or orange slice. “I’ve always been told by my dad and grandpa that in the ’40s it was harder to get different types of liquor because of the war. Hurricanes in real life are absolutely no fun. Hurricane Cocktail Rezept. People off the street are realizing these are not terrible, overly sweet drinks.”. Delivery Available. “We put spices, salt, pepper, sugar and also a chile from Kashmir. That’s it. As for the shape of the glass, Waguespak’s family intel is that it was a glass salesman who presented the then-new curvaceous vessel to her grandfather. And so should you. If you’re torn between using fresh juice and a bottled syrup, making your own syrup could be the answer. And what is the drink of Mardi Gras? Orthodox Union Kosher. This drink always tops our list of Mardi Gras cocktails because it’s so classic and delicious. 1 large orange, cut into 1/4-inch thick slices Add to Cart. 2 oz. You can also make this drink big-batch style. The Hurricane cocktail is a sweet alcoholic drink made with rum, lemon juice, and passion fruit syrup. light rum 2 oz. There’s so much involved. Hurricane Cocktail: A bright and fruity cocktail with a generous amount of rum. Or on the patio while you catch up on some reading. Mix and match, or try each one solo, and make your own 37 Favorite Flavors list. But over the years, bartenders have added and swapped many ingredients. ... Zing Zang Bloody Mary Mix 6pk-8oz Cans. McClure’s Bloody Mary Mix McClure’s is a brand known for its pickles, so if you like salty, briny goodness, this mix is for you. We roast mangoes and basically created our own fresh mango juice, which is called gudamba,” says Vilkhu, the head of the beverage program at Saffron. Mit einer halben Zitronenscheibe und einem Cocktailschirm garnieren. Play around with the recipe and come up with your own perfect recipe. The first Hurricane I ever had was in the balmy courtyard of Pat O’Brien’s in New Orleans’ French Quarter. major peters bloody mary mix 1L Major Peters award winning Bloody Mary Mixes are made with 100% natural ingredients, including vine-ripened tomatoes and a proprietary spice pack of more than 40 distinctive spices. Share! Deselect All. “A lot more consumers are drinking rum-based drinks. Mix all ingredients with ice cubes in a shaker and strain into the glass (the ice cubes you used for mixing the ingredients stay in the shaker). Try it with orange juice, or passion fruit juice instead of syrup. Figure it out they did. “Fassionola is a lost Tiki syrup, and there’s no blueprint for it,” says barman Max Messier, the co-owner of Cocktail & Sons, a New Orleans company that he owns with his business partner and wife, Lauren Myerscough. This Hurricane Cocktail is a classic recipe from the French Quarter in New Orleans. I remember having a really good time. “I view Tiki as the dark arts—its own category. Today, Pat O’Brien’s has a proprietary blend made for them in partnership with an unnamed distillery in Puerto Rico. Delivery Available. Roll over image to zoom in Add to list Email Print Nutrition Facts. It’s traditionally served in a – you guessed it – hurricane glass. But some people crave the burn. It’s also an ingredient that, in many ways, exemplifies the multilayered cultural history that New Orleans is built upon. And the Lady Killer blends passion fruit juice with gin, Cointreau and more. Get our best cocktail recipes, tips, and more when you sign up for our newsletter. Today, it can be found everywhere from Ruth’s Chris Steak House and the Wynn hotel in Las Vegas to small but mighty cocktail denizens like the Holiday Cocktail Lounge in New York City, where bartender Erik Trickett is poised to add the classic to his list this summer. Aside from the glass and the place, the Hurricane seemed initially to be more about using up all that rum on hand, as Waguespak says, then coming up with a bespoke set of ingredients. You can buy your passion fruit syrup, or you can make your own if you prefer. As an Amazon Associate MixThatDrink earns from qualifying purchases. Caption Morgan is the most popular brand of rum to use. This drink is associated with party times, but it’s also lovely for sipping on a hot, lazy afternoon. Major Peters (2) > See more brands; Reset. Let’s figure it out!”. Your perfect Hurricane may differ from someone else’s. How to Mix a Hurricane Step 1 1 oz of dark rum. If you see one on a menu and you feel tempted by this tempest of a cocktail, it’s more than likely you won’t be disappointed. “I developed the recipe with my mother. Tastes like vacation in a glass! Hell, yeah! For a classic hurricane on the rocks, mix together 4 oz of hurricane cocktail mix, 4 oz of water, and 1 1/2 oz of rum before garnishing and serving over ice. Rum was and is the spirit. From our famous Bloody Mary Mix to our wide variety of bar basics, the legacy of taste continues with Major Peters’. I also created a Hurricane mocktail for non-drinkers. After going through a few prototypes, they settled on a combo of fresh Ponchatoula strawberries, pineapple, mango, passion fruit and lime juice. “The prominence and proliferation of rum in the U.S. over the past five to eight years has really exploded,” says NOLA expat William Elliott, the bar director at New York City’s Maison Premiere, where the Hurricane has been on the menu in myriad iterations over the last decade-plus. 4.5 out of 5 stars 108. View recipe photos of Hurricane Cocktail posted by millions of cooks on It looked like a hurricane lamp, the kind that protect a flame from getting snuffed out in a gust. 25 reviews. We do not sell your personal information. Is it in the cocktail cannon? Serving Size: 4.00 fl oz: Amount Per Serving. Keeping in mind all the people who have recently been affected, it is important to step back and take a good look at the things we take for granted in life. Tackle the perfect Bloody Mary with Demitri’s Bloody Mary Seasoning Mix, Zing Zang, or Major Peters. This website is intended for adults over 21 and of legal drinking age. Renowned internationally for taste and drinkability, Major Peters’ cocktail mixes are made from the finest ingredients from the four corners of the globe, and expertly blended for discriminating drinkers. Cocktail Mix, Bloody Mary, Shelf-Stable, 32 Fl Oz Bottle. Four ounces of rum in a single sitting will do that. Everyone I've introduced it to has become hooked, and the bar that serves the original recipe routinely runs out of hurricane glasses to serve in, due to the popularity of this tasty beverage!

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