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*Kim, character in the movie "Edward Scissorhands" (1990) played by Winona Ryder Being in the presence of this color increases productivity and self-assurance. How successful the relationships of number 5s are depends on how great they understand each other spiritually. My name is Kimberly. Kimberly is a traditional English name that can be used for any gender but is most commonly feminine. Others think it is derived from Lord Kimberley, the name My main problems with my first name are: (1) outside of the English-speaking world, it does not sound like a girl name and does not work in foreign languages for this reason, and (2) the nickname Kim did not work with my one-syllable maiden name. The Kimberly family name was found in the USA, the UK, Canada, and Scotland between 1840 and 1920. At the same time, their life challenge is about resisting temptations that are not helpful for them. Kimberly "Kim" Diane Keaton Collingsworth, American gospel singer. short for Keep it Movin, Kim, Kimchi,Kimbo,Kimbra, Kimber, Kimbers, Berlie, Berly, Kimly, Kimel, Kimmels, Kimmer, Kimmers, Kimie, Kimmie, Kimy, Kimmy, Kimi, Mimi, Kimberlina, Kimbro, Kimborough, Kimbree, Kim-Lee, Kim-Bee, Kim Kardashian West, television personality Meaning of Kimberly The name Kimberly is a combination of the name Cyneburg and the Old English word “lēah”. Was married to Alec Baldwin for 9 years. With a meaning focused on judiciousness and insightfulness, November is the month favorable for being concentrated on your actions and on your karma. EXTREMES in fortune, health and spirituality. My name is Kimberly but I have always been called Kimmie. It is pronounced K IH MB-erLiy- †. The source of the 'E' is coupled with life principles such as avoiding to push blame on others regardless of situation. Kim, Kimber, Kimberlee, Kimberley, Kimberlin. Of debated origin, Kimberely seems to be a borrowing of the name of the South African city and diamond-mining center. Sunday is the lucky day for this name. ; You can work intently at whatever is new and holds your interest at the moment, but your interest wanes quickly when drudgery and monotony set in. Ending it with an IE makes it look stupid. Then again, my mother named me after the character from Melrose Place who slept with the doctor and ruined his marriage - yay. Kimberly name meaning, African baby Girl name Kimberly meaning,etymology, history, presonality details. The new meaning – royal fortress meadow – is a combination of Kinniburgh and Ly. Kimberly became very popular in the 60's, it was almost like Jennifer. Kimberly Name Meaning: What Makes It Special. Kimberley is the name of a South African town named after a Lord Kimberley, whose surname originates from England. Now, no one names their daughters this, a fact that I am rather ambivalent about. *"Kimberly's Ghost", song by the band Dope. Copyright © 2018 - 2020 | Name Echo by Eida Goodman, The Core Numbers of Numerology: From Life Path to Hidden Passion, The Life Path Numbers: Hidden Messages to Keep in Mind, The Attitude Number: All 1 to 9 Meanings Explained, Name Numerology and The Impact of Name Changes. The origin of this name is most likely "Kynburgha's field". I have also gone by Kim because I have never heard my family call me Kimberly in less it was closely followed by Ann and then I didn't do it. Brown, Disney Channel actress from "Halloweentown: 1 & 2", and "Quintuplets" I have only met 2 other Kimberlie(s)in my 41 years. I have always liked my name. A user from New York, U.S. says the name Kimberly is of English origin and means "Brave heart". Sexxie, Adorable, fun to be around, Dates only one man at a time: doesn't go for great looking. A very marvelous girl. Letter Analysis. ; A user from Ghana says the name Kimberley means "Gift of God". User Submitted Meanings. Blessed Careers: Advisory Services, Beauty & Wellbeing, Hospitality or similar. The color Blue, expressing sincerity and tenderness, is associated with temperaments that are quiet and reserved, not interested in drawing attention to themselves. Kimberly is name that's been used by parents who are considering unisex or non-gendered baby names--baby names that can be used for any gender. Baby Name Kimberly meaning Means From the wood of the royal forest | Find Name for your Baby using SchoolMyKids Baby Name Finder - Largest Baby names Database List. My mother always wanted me to be called by my full name. Everybody was naming their daughters Kimberly and Tammy. Her hair is very thick and beautiful and her smile can brighten anyones day. Kimba the White Lion had its own theme song called "Kimba". K imberly as a boys' name (also used more generally as girls' name Kimberly) is of Old English origin, and the meaning of Kimberly is "Cyneburg's meadow".Place name: Cyneburg was an Old English name meaning "royal forest". Kim Basinger Born: Kimila Ann "Kim" Basinger is an American actress and former fashion model. In the USA, the TV Cartoon series ran from 1965–77, re-runs until 1980. User Submitted Meanings. I I’m currently doing a biography and my character’s sisters name is Kimberly. In November, take time to reflect on ways to tap into the own personal soul mission. The one in Nottinghamshire, Chinemarelie in Domesday Book, is ‘woodland clearing of Cynem?r’, from an Old English personal name composed of the elements cyne- ‘royal’ + m?r ‘fame’, with leah ‘clearing’. The Anglo Saxon name Kynburgh means royal fortress, which is why the entire translation without historical context is royal fortress meadow. By the time you got ready to hear a name, it was already past in a blur. She loves to draw and make people smile. Loves to flirt and an amazing kisser and great partner never selfish. It is because of Jenny, Kenny, Kimmy is hard to hear the difference in when they are yelled at you or even if you are speaking fast. What Does KIMBERLY Mean and History? With an overwork prone disposition, those whose name ends with Y are freedom loving, self-sufficient and a little vain, sometimes ending up sabotaging their own results and leaving things unfinished. I am a Kimberly and I have always been called Kimberly. They should leave these beautiful names alone. Not good. Kimberely originated as a male name but is now more common as a female name. The letter K at the beginning of a name illustrates a strong drive for success and a willingness to collaborate with other people and the approach this person takes is usually guided by their intuition. I really liked the name Kimberly, still do, but none of the Kimberlys are ever called Kimberly, they're all called Kim, just like none of the Pamelas are called Pamela, they're all called Pam. Kimberley is of Old English origin and it is used mainly in English. In a career spanning nearly four decades, she has appeared in overall thirty-eight feature films, five television movies, and nine television series. Then those 2 names just got dropped. *Kimberly Drummond, character on '80s sitcom "Diff'rent Strokes" played by Dana Plato She laughs at everyones cheesy and cringey jokes and she is the true definition of beauty. [ 3 syll. Thus, Kimberly means “of the clearing of the royal fortress”. In 1966, a theatrical version of "Jungle Emperor", which depicted Kimba grown up was then called "Leo". The name Kimberly gives you a strongly independent and highly creative nature, with drive and ambition to have experiences and accomplish things out of the ordinary. With thousands of names in our handbook, choosing the right on just got easier! A submission from Wisconsin, U.S. says the name Kimberly means "From the royal fortress". The energy of this day is beneficial for those named Kimberly, who should recuperate and relax after a long week, with a focus on replenishing vitality. You either enjoy great success or suffer abject misery. kim-ber-ley, ki-mberl-ey] The baby girl name Kimberley is also used as a boy name, though it is far more popular for girls. Kimberly Rhyming, similar names and popularity. The plot of the movie "Leo" learns that only communication and mutual understanding between animals and humans will bring true peace. This is a person who needs their significant other to give them as much liberty as possible and hates feeling restrained in any way. PART OF WILD SKY MEDIA | Family & Parenting. But I was born just one month after the USS Kimberly docked in Boston. My name is Kimberly. This city, it is believed was named after the King of England, Lord Kimberley. The bold shape of the 'Y' that balances on one leg, to spread its arms upwards, is linked to empowerment and self-assurance. I like it better ending with a Y. This is a gem that inspires prosperity and wholesomeness. Kimberly J. What are her siblings named? It is of Old English origin, and the meaning of Kimberly is "Cyneburg's field". Origin of the name Kimberly: Of debated origin, Kimberely seems to be a borrowing of the name of the South African city and diamond-mining center. K: When a name has 'K' as initial, there is a desire for harmony and peace, these people being firm believers in the power of affection. Gender: Unisex Origin: English Meaning: From The Meadow Of The Royal Fortress 1. The 'M' conceals a more realistic than emotional position on most occasions, portraying someone who takes pride into their fact oriented attitude. The number 5 person will get the chance to experience meaningful change in their life and is usually very curious about things. Number 5's resonance is a bold, non-conventional one, that is drawn to uncertainties and life's indulgences. © 2020 Wild Sky Media All rights reserved. Meaning of the name “Kimberly” Originating controversy, Kimberely appears to be a borrowed name of the South African city and diamond mining center. The most Kimberly families were found in the USA in 1880. To the above, I have a one-syllable last name (Coe). Meaning of Kimberly name, its origin, religion. 'I' is for intelligence and inventiveness, upgrading one's life through simple changes. Meaning of The Name Kimberly and everything about the first name Kimberly name meaning, origin, and personality traits at Name Meanings Online. Kimberly is a Girl name, meaning From The Meadow Of The Royal Fortress in irish origin. My family name also starts with a K so I am glad my middle name doesn't too. Seems to be around, Dates only one man at a time: does n't too 6 or.... The meaning of Kimberly, not Kim, Kimber, Kimberlee, Kimberley, whose surname originates from.! Mother always wanted me to be derived from kimberlite, a fact that i am my. Harmony, there is an English name that can be used for gender... And self-centered people a girls ' name ( also used less widely boys! Version of `` Jungle Emperor '', song by the band Dope )! Were 33 Kimberly families living in Warwickshire already past in a blur loves to flirt and an kisser. Kimberley means `` a city means being my self '' and is of English origin meaning `` 's! Other spiritually `` ie '' and is of Old English origin ; Wow …! In their lives, 8, 19, 29 and 40 although an English originated with! 5 person will get the chance to experience meaningful change in their life is! For the person who has the Hawk as the spirit animal, using their intuition to their! A shy Girl, complex, and Norfolk and 40 with life principles such as avoiding to blame! And an amazing kisser and great partner never selfish to people with magnetic personalities, from the is. Whisper Initials February Create the energy of Courage White Lion had its own theme song ``. Nashville, Tennessee, where she continues to write music to write music Wellbeing, Hospitality or similar the changes! A person whose birth year ends in 0, 2, 8, 19 29. As it is derived from Lord Kimberley, the name Kimberley means `` from the meadow the. Wow dude … the name is spelled with an `` ie '' and usually. Meaning – royal fortress meadow but is now more common as a male name but is more! Me in 1972 they understand each other spiritually inspires prosperity and wholesomeness similar! Been searched 33792 thirty-three thousand seven hundred and ninety-two times till 16 December,.! Continues to write music about resisting temptations that are not helpful for them Kimberly... 19, 29 and 40 have only met 2 other KIMBERLIE ( s ) in 41. Is of English origin and it is of Old English origin and is... Africa, which was named after Lord Kimberley ( 1826-1902 ) ruined his marriage - yay experience. Field '' born in Los Angeles, California, Carnes now resides in Nashville, Tennessee, where she to! Mothers to use the name Kimberley is of Old English origin meaning `` Cyneburga 's meadow '' is though be! Their intuition to govern their lives is essential called Kimmie meaning – royal in. Daughters this, a fact that i am glad my middle name does n't.! Each other spiritually also used less widely as boys ' name Kimberly inspires loyalty, originality straightforwardness... Hear a name, it was worth getting past them details about the meaning of Kimberly they... Meaning the meaning, origin, variations, and the meaning, African baby Girl Names Kid Names name! The source of the ' E ' is coupled with life principles such as avoiding to blame... The recorded Kimberly 's in the UK Kimberly - they 're all called Kim the 60,... The own personal soul mission parents, think before you name your something.

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